About Me

Why This Blog?

I started this blog a few years ago just to document some of my favorite life moments for friends and family to see. Currently, blogging is just a hobby of mine, but if anyone is reading this and wants to offer me a job where I can write about my kids, hiking, and food... then consider this blog my resume. I've always loved playing with words. Lists, haiku, journals... you name it. As a result, blogging is a pretty natural outlet for me. And even though I'm not a professional photographer, putting my pictures on the blog kind of makes me feel like one. At one point, I was attempting to use a semi-fancy camera for my pictures, but at this point, I'm mainly using my phone. It takes some pretty awesome pictures, if I do say so myself.

By the Numbers: 

 20: The number of years I've been married
 13: The number of countries I've visited
  2: The number of states I've lived in
  2: The number of countries I've lived in
  2: The number of boys I have
  7 and 5: Their ages
  9: The number of years I've been a teacher
  2: The number of deer I've hit with my car
  1: Number of seasons I coached my kids' soccer team

Why Hiking?

The outdoors has always been an important part of my life. Growing up, my family often camped and we vacationed to places like Stone Mountain, Georgia, Cumberland Falls, Kentucky, and Youghiogheny River, Pennsylvania. When I met Jeremy, hiking became one of our favorite dates. We hiked all over Yellow Springs and Houston Woods, Ohio. In fact, he proposed to me on a small trail in our home town. We hiked all over Germany while Jeremy was stationed there in the Army, and we finally settled on a stateside home in central Missouri, mainly because of the access to so many trails. I have a lot of links to the Missouri Department of Conservation on the blog, because it's our favorite hiking resource.


I am not a chef. However, I love to eat. When I first got married, I literally did not know how to boil water. I knew very little about cooking. When I was an army wife in Germany, I decided to just start working my way through cookbooks, until the cooking process became natural to me. Now, I still look through cookbooks, but I also scour the internet regularly for food inspiration. Most of the recipes I post here are not my original recipes. They are my interpretation of a recipe of I've tried. I'll always link back to the original. 

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